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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, or more commonly known as PewDiePie, got his start on YouTube back in 2010, and has had a meteoric streak ever since. In 2016, Time named the YouTube sensation one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People.” Not bad for someone who first worked at a hot dog stand to fund his videos.

With over 50 million subscribers, he’s the most subscribed user on YouTube, and currently the most viewed channel of all time.


What’s he all about? For the un-indoctrinated, here’s a primer:


He’s irreverent, obviously self-referential, and seems to find no end of topics to post about, from Let’s Play videogame run-throughs to relatable woes about moving out of an apartment. (He posts a new video every day, which tells you something.)

His critics (who tend to skew older) seem perplexed by his popularity, but for his fans, he just gets it.

“Many people see me as a friend they can chill with for 15 minutes a day. The loneliness in front of the computer screens brings us together. But I never set out to be a role model; I just want to invite them to come over to my place.” -PewDiePie


He’s a new form of celebrity. Unlike traditional celebrities, he found his place through the Internet, and feels more approachable. His hair is often a mess. He’s self-deprecating. He over-shares. His fans love it.

He’s loud, zany, and Gen Z-approved.

Every tribe has their own vernacular, and his is no different. PewDiePie refers to his followers as the “bro army,” and they sometimes refer to themselves as “Pewds.”

His signature sign-off is the “bro fist.” You can see it in action:

Nice fist bump, bro.

Nice fist bump, bro.


Because of his Internet popularity, he’s often seen by non-gamers as The Face of Gaming, for better or worse.

PewDiePie has even been able to leverage his success to influence video game sales, particularly indie games. McPixel, Slender, and Goat Simulator were confirmed to have been positively impacted by his video play-throughs.

He’s a cheeky goofball, Internet powerhouse, millennial millionaire and more. What makes PewDiePie so popular? If you’re still confounded, we’ll leave you with this quote.

“Love it or hate it, his success — like so many other YouTube personalities — isn’t just in playing games but actually connecting and talking directly to an audience. No agent, press release, or any other intermediary. He just hit record.” –The Verge








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