Molly R.: Graphic Designer by Day, International Hand Model by Night

Fan of: I love art, music, going on long walks, and swimming in the ocean. My ideal day might involve walking through the woods and then later taking in an art house film. New experiences inspire and energize me; I’m always looking to try and learn new things. The universe never ceases to surprise and confound me.

Undercover: I’m an undercover SPY. As a valedictorian graduate of the Milton Academy, where children are neither seen nor heard, I disappear quietly into the background while watching attentively all the goings on around me. Furthermore, I’m a Google search master and can track down information hidden in the deep dark corners of the internet. (Editor’s note: this may or may not be somewhat exaggerated.)

Superpower: Ability to communicate with animals–please keep an eye out for my forthcoming not-real web-series, “Sh*t My Cat Says” in which an “exaggerated version of myself” shares a small New York studio apartment with her talking cat, Jessica. Some say that the city of New York is its own character in the series. You be the judge.

Kryptonite: Macaroni and Cheese–when I see that dish on a menu I have a hard time resisting. Noodles and cheese are my vice and I hope that one day I can kick the habit!!!

Fan Moment: When President Barack Obama spoke at my college commencement; I couldn’t believe that the leader of the free world was addressing my graduating class. It gave me a sense that I was a part of something larger than myself and very special.

Define Hero: A hero is a really admirable person or a really tasty sandwich.
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