Laura M.: Marketing Manager by Day, Bike Enthusiast by Night

Fan of: Soccer (or just sports in general)! The energy during a match amazes me as well as the passion of the fans for their teams – and I am obviously one of them. In Brazil, Cruzeiro is a team close to my heart and in the US, hockey is becoming my favorite sport by far.

Undercover: Biker. I have a cute vintage bike called Eileen and I truly enjoy riding it to the park or around the city on the weekends. “Come on, Eileen!”

Superpower: Make summer all year round. Maybe it’s an “Olaf Syndrome,” but summer is just my favorite season. Sun, getting tan, swimming in the ocean, hanging out with friends outside and going to the beach. What not to like about it?

Kryptonite: Lime pie. I just can’t see one and not have a piece – or the whole thing.

Fan Moment: Seeing Guns N’ Roses live last year (2016). I couldn’t believe I had Axl Rose and Slash right in front of me. I didn’t move or say anything for the first two songs – it took a while for me to realize it wasn’t a dream…

Define Hero: Someone that you really admire and inspires you to do great things or makes you want to be a better person.
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