Top 3 Most Hardcore Fan Groups

In our new series, we’re putting the spotlight on fans. Got a fan army in mind? Let us know in the comments who to cover next!

In more ways than one, these are some of the most hardcore fans out there. We’re talking about the die-hards, the most extreme, the most “out there” and totally dedicated fan groups.

Here are our picks for the top three most hardcore fan groups, based partly on statistics, part observation. Sometimes you just know hardcore when you see it.


Steel chairs. Lots of theatrics. Fog machines. Exciting walk-ins that may or may not include a wrestler levitating into the ring or setting himself on fire. These are just a few tropes that WWE fans enjoy.

What makes these guys so hardcore? For one, backyard wrestling. Fans of the WWE and other wrestling leagues have taken to their backyards to stage their own matches, where they try to replicate the moves of the pros. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and in this case it’s also the most hardcore form. 

Dangerous imitation aside, wrestling fans are fans for life. Many wrestling grudges, like Kane and the Undertaker, have been ongoing for years. You’d be hard pressed to find a longtime wrestling fan who likes them both.


Wrestling fans make themselves heard in any venue.


Kane. Just one of the wrestlers fans either love or despise.


True fans know their wrestler's slogans by heart. Or by shirt.


Faygo. Clown makeup. Some really wide pants. And of course, the Gathering.

Insane Clown Posse fans, known most commonly as Juggalos and Juggalettes, converge yearly at a music festival known as the Gathering, where they hang out, watch ICP perform, and spray Faygo on each other.

For those not in the know, ICP is an American hip-hop duo born out of Detroit, known for a style of music as “horrorcore.” While you can easily spot a die-hard Juggalo or Juggalette by their face paint, ICP fans also sport ICP’s logo, known as “Hatchet Man”, in the form of patches, t-shirts, skateboards, you name it. At ICP concerts, you can hear the call and response “Whoop, whoop!” echoed throughout the audience, as Faygo pours down.

The family that sprays together, stays together.


ICP (Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope) strikes a pose.


A still taken from the documentary ‘American Juggalo.’


A Jggalo wedding, where the groom and bride were sprayed with Faygo. Ah, young love. Credit: Vice


The metal hand signal that has become a universally adopted sign for “rock on.” The black t-shirts. The long hair and tattoos. They don’t exactly blend into the background. Metalheads make themselves known.

Unsurprisingly, out of music fans, they are consistently top lists for most dedicated fans out there. A study conducted by Spotify concluded that metal fans are their most loyal streamers. Metal fans, out of all Spotify users, continue to return to their top favorites, and rep them with iconic t-shirts, album purchases, and maybe some spiked bracelets, too.


Metal fans are the most loyal of all genres, says Spotify.


Babymetal pioneered "kawaii metal".


Which do you prefer? Metal chairs or mosh-pits?

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