Spotlight on Girl Groups

It’s Women’s History Month. And what better way to celebrate than an homage to all of the amazing girl groups out there?


We owe the rise of popular girl groups to The Boswell Sisters.

Hailing from New Orleans, the three sisters were known for vocal jazz, inspired by the African American blues artists of New Orleans. They made their first record in 1925, and the rest was history.

The Boswell Sisters quickly ascended to stardom, making appearances from New York to Los Angeles, in fan magazines, films, and radio. They were among radio’s earliest stars, which means they were hitting their mark just as mass-entertainment became available to the public.

From left: "Vet", Connie and Martha in 1931

From left: “Vet”, Connie and Martha in 1931



The late 1950s marked a return to girl groups in a big way. And we’re not just talking about those beehive hairstyles!

The Supremes lead the way with hits like “Stop! In The Name of Love” and “Where Did Our Love Go?” The doo-wop group was the most commercially successful of Motown Record’s acts and are still America’s most successful vocal group.

Other acts that were popular in that era included The Ronettes, The Marvelettes, Martha and the Vandellas, and The Shirelles. They had the looks down, but they also had the pipes to back it up.

Outfit goals from Martha and the Vandellas.

The Supremes strike a pose.

The Ronettes in blue.

Schoolmates and Marvelettes.

The Shirelles live on stage.


“Girl power, do you know what I mean?” says Scary Spice in one of her quintessential lines from Spice World.

And indeed, the nineties were prime time for girl power, and girl groups. From hip hop to weirdo pop, girl groups were everywhere. TLC. Destiny’s Child. Las Ketchup. B*Witched. The list goes on.

And of course, then there were the Spice Girls. With over 85 million records sold, they remain the most successful girl group of all time. That’s girl power.

B*Witched rocking the girl-group look.

Salt-N-Pepa live and pushin' it.

A Spice Girls throwback to their musical inspirations.

Kelly, Bae, and Michelle. Flawless icons.

We miss these outfits, and new TLC music videos.


They’re far from done. K-Pop and J-Pop have taken East Asia by storm, and are slowly making their way to the west as well. Brit pop groups like Little Mix sell out stadium shows, and America’s Fifth Harmony have topped pop charts and have gone platinum–five times over.

Girl groups are here to stay. And thank goddess for that.

f(x), or A Clockwork Orange?

Fifth Harmony is known for adoring their fans.

Little Mix, Big Hits.

Perfume's outfit coordination goes unmatched again.

Red Velvet has taken K-pop by storm (or candlelight).

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