Replay: March 28, 1992


March Madness, 1992. The Kentucky Wildcats and the Duke Blue Devils were playing to see who would get the final spot in the Final Four. Tensions were high, as Duke had everything to lose with this game. Almost all college basketball fans expected them to win the championship for the second year in a row, but Kentucky wasn’t making it easy.


This game was the definition of “close”. Duke and Kentucky took turns taking the lead for the entire 40 minutes of play, and ended up in a tie. Even in the overtime, one slip-up would cost the game.


The game was 2.1 seconds from a Kentucky victory. Close, so close. Would they make it?

Duke’s Grant Hill threw a pass to Christian Laettner, who had less than a second to take the game for Duke. He faked, dribbled once, and jumped. The clock hit 0 seconds while he was in the air.

He took “The Shot”, and sunk it for Duke.

Actually, the Kentucky moment was better than winning the two National Championships, because it was the epitome of what I try to get from a team in a crisis situation. — Mike Krzyzewski
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