Survival Guide for Festival Season

Spring has sprung, and that means festival season is just around the corner.

As it gets progressively warmer out, you may want to think about brushing off those denim cut-offs, finding the sunglasses that are buried somewhere in your closet, and finding the perfect flower crown (if that’s your sort of thing.)

For festival newbies or just those that want a brush-up, we’ve got your essentials covered. Whether you’re heading to Ultra, Coachella or The Gathering, here’s our survival guide to festival season.


Don’t fret. We’ll help you out.


Water. Sunscreen. Phone Charger. Hand Sanitizer. Toilet Paper.

BYOR. (Bring your own roll.) Trust us on the toilet paper. There’s nothing worse than heading to one of those delightful portable bathrooms and seeing that there is no toilet paper in sight. Avoid disaster. BYOR.


Stay hydrated. Bring water.


Listen, you might have the perfect outfit planned, but the weather says it will be raining all day. What do you do?

Here’s what you do—you wear some rain boots. You bring an umbrella. You put on a poncho. It might not be the most Instagram-worthy ensemble, but unlike those people shivering in sandals and wadding through mud, you’ll actually be well enough to stick around for the headlining act. And, if you really want, heck, you can still put on the flower crown. Dance in the rain.

Conversely, if you know it’s going to be hot out, please reconsider your all black sweat suit look.

Common sense, people. You will get through this.


Don’t be caught in the rain. Be prepared.


And then, take it easy. Know that you probably won’t get to everything, and that it’s okay.

Relax. Enjoy the company around you. Walk around and end up at an opening act you didn’t mean to be at. Discover that you love them, and have a new band to obsess over.

Have fun. You’re ready to go.


The best part–soaking up the sights and sounds around you.

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