Three Fans Who Became Famous

There is the rare case of super fans who get to the next level. They go beyond front stage or even meeting their favorite heroes. We’re talking about the fans that get to become a part of it all, and become celebrities in their own right.

These are the people who give us hope that maybe someday, we’ll make the leap as well. Sigh.


Before she became known as Luna Lovegood by Harry Potter fans around the world, Evanna Lynch was just a Harry Potter fan herself. She was a fanatic of the series and had even sent letters to J.K. Rowling herself!

Luckily for her, she was able to turn her love of the series into her career. She’s known for her excellent portrayal of the zany Luna Lovegood throughout the Harry Potter films.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for our letter of acceptance to Hogwarts….


Evanna Lynch: Before and After


Doctor Who fans, there’s hope for you yet. A young David Mcdonald was completely obsessed with the Sci-Fi series. In school, he wrote about little else, to the point that his teacher threatened to fail him if he didn’t find another subject to write about. His favorite possession was even a Doctor Who scarf that his grandmother knitted for him.

All together now— “Aww.”

Today, we all know him as David Tennant. The tenth Doctor. Dreams really can come true.


David Tennant: Before and After


Tim Owens was a teenage metal-head. At age 16, his older brother gave him an album– Screaming for Vengeance, by Judas Priest. This was the turning point in Owens’ life. He became obsessed with the band, and started a Judas Priest cover band. He even bought a motorcycle so he could ride it on-stage like his hero, Priest front man Rob Halford.

After Halford left the band, Judas Priest needed a new frontman. Cue Tim Owens. He had gotten so good covering Judas Priest that the next step for him was to become one of them.

And so, Tim Owens became Judas Priest’s new front man.

Oh yeah, don’t call him Tim anymore. He goes by “Ripper” now.


Tim Owens: Before and After

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