The Most Iconic Jackets In Film

When your favorite action hero comes in and delivers an iconic line, chances are, he (or she!) is probably wearing a sweet jacket. What is it with great movies having unforgettable jackets? There seems to be a pretty big correlation, am I right?

The jacket is an attitude. It’s the essence of a character. Every heroic character needs a memorable jacket.

We’re sharing a few of our very favorites.


Our heroes are implacable, cool, and almost unnervingly…unhuman. Their generally expressionless demeanors can be attributed to their sunglasses, sure, and maybe their dialogue too, but we all know what the real kicker is–those long black trench coats.

Would it even be The Matrix without the sight of Neo, Trinity and Morpheus swooping in, their long coats billowing behind them? This look is totally iconic, and those trench coats are legendary. These trench coats mean business.

Run away now, Agent Smith. Run far away.


The iconic Matrix look–long black trench coats.


Speaking of implacable heroes, Ryan Gosling’s “Driver” character could not possibly get more monosyllabic. But luckily for him, his iconic scorpion jacket more than speaks for itself.

If jackets could talk, this one would probably say, “You’ve picked the wrong person to mess with. I will definitely ruin you. And it will be painful. And it may involve something gruesome happening to you in an elevator.” That’s a mouthful for a jacket, but I mean, have you seen the thing?


Don’t mess with this guy, trust us.


Okay, John Travolta had his leather jacket and it’s great and all, but we had to give props to the Pink Ladies. Now that is a look.

That flair. That pizzaz. That synergy. This is the ultimate girl squad. And you know what? We wouldn’t be surprised if the classic Mean Girls‘ line, “On Wednesdays we wear pink,” was inspired by the Pink Ladies.

I mean look at them. They’ve got it down.


The Pink Ladies always bring it.


The inspiration behind many Halloween costumes. The iconic “bad boy” look. But we’d prefer to think of him as an anti-hero.

Of course, we’re referring to James Dean’s unforgettable red jacket in Rebel Without a Cause. Where would he be without it?

Between the white t-shirt, the blue jeans, and the red jacket, the entire look comes together. And we thinks it’s inspired every generation after him. Such is the power of a red jacket. Or rather, the red jacket.


The iconic James Dean look. Often replicated, never duplicated.


If this classic leather bomber jacket doesn’t “Take Your Breath Away,” (sorry we couldn’t help it) at least the skyline will help.

We have to say, we think those aviators have a slight advantage in terms of being more memorable. But! He rocks the whole look. Maverick is practically an American icon at this point.

Aviators, leather bomber, motorcycle, zipping along at top speed and racing the sunset? The Top Gun stylists sure knew what they were doing.

Tom Cruise, you cleaned up well, we have to admit.


Sigh. Wish we were there.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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