Replay: September 7, 2013


September 7, 2013. Brazilian football club Aparecidense was facing their opponent, Tupi. Like most sports moments, this one begins with a tie-game. Aparecidense was gunning for the quarterfinals of the fourth-division playoffs, and tension was mounting in the second half.


Tupi players approached the goal, and Aparecidense’s goalie was outnumbered. Not being able to bear seeing his team lose, it was none other than the team’s masseur, Romildo da Silva, who jumped out from behind the net to block multiple consecutive shots. Not content with just massages, da Silva had to make sure Tupi wouldn’t break the tie.


Hearing the frenzy from the crowd: a mix of boos, laughter, and horns, da Silva could sense he might be in some trouble. He ran to the team’s locker room, being followed by referees, to avoid any more chaos.

Turns out a masseur on the field is worse than a red card, and Aparecidense was disqualified from the semi-finals. But we can be sure that in that moment, da Silva felt like a true hero.

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