Spotlight on Selena


She’s one of the most influential Latin artists of all time, the queen of Tejano music, and one of the most beloved Mexican-American entertainers out there. She just had that something.

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, better known simply as Selena, got her start in music before she was 12, and by 23 had brought Latin music into the American mainstream. With her unique style, and huge following of young female fans, she quickly became a living icon.


She flouted convention early on in her career.

Selena started her music career in the 80s, and was often denied bookings due to Tejano music primarily being played by men. That didn’t stop her.

Her popularity began to rise when she won Tejano Music Female Vocalist of the Year award. She’d continue to win it every year for 9 consecutive years after that. From crossover albums to Coca-Cola, Selena’s influence spread far, and fast.

A photo of a young Selena.

Selena's concerts drew huge crowds.

Her style and voice brought Latin music to the masses.

Greeting fans at an early gig.


Selena undoubtedly redefined Latin music. Her success and influence helped propel other Latin stars like Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and others find a place in the spotlight. Selena Gomez even got her name from her! It’s undoubtable that future generations of musicians will continue to be inspired by the Queen of Tejano.

She was taken from us much too soon, but her legacy lives on forever.

You have to take what you can when you're getting started. —Selena Quintanilla
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