Cairn P.: Sales Support Administrator by Day, Animal Rescuer by Night

Fan of: Animals (every kind), traveling (anywhere), binge watching series (6 seasons of Game of Thrones in 1 month!), music (not country), drinking wine (any and all), cooking vegetarian meals (and drinking while I cook). Oh, and swedish fish (red)!

Undercover: I’ve been called a “baby whisperer.” I don’t know why but for some reason whenever I pick up a crying baby they seem to settle. My sister just had a baby four days ago so I’m excited to share this special talent of mine with her!

Superpower: To be the voice for the voiceless. I would love to have the superpower to put an end to the cruelty and suffering of all animals on the planet.

Kryptonite: Angry drivers with road rage. What’s the point? Raging isn’t going to get you from A to B any faster. Life is stressful enough, can’t we all just drive peacefully?!

Fan Moment: In 2005 I was front row at a U2 concert and was praying for any kind of interaction with Bono. Didn’t happen…but The Edge did smile and wink at me which came in a close second!

Define Hero: Someone who practices compassion and kindness over cruelty.
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