12 Instagram Food Accounts To Follow

Here are 12 Instagram food accounts you should consider following, because while eating rules, staring at pictures of food you’ll never eat is somehow even better.

Maybe you’ve already seen our well-documented love of food. It’s kind of our not-so-secret obsession. We thought we’d give a nod to some of our favorite IG accounts out there.


Let’s face it. You and I both love stalking celebrities. That’s why we’re shamelessly sharing some of our favorite food luminaries with you.

Scroll through and pretend this is your life.


We are obsessed with @foodbabyny. And honestly pretty jealous of all of the delicious free food he gets.

We get it, @girleatworld. Your life is great.

TFW your career is “Food Entrepreneur.” Congrats on living the dream, @deliciouslyella. Sigh.

He’s the la crème de la crème of food celebrities. @jamieoliver, how are you so stalkable?!



You know that visceral image of a young boy with his face pressed against the glass window of a sumptuous bakery? That’s you right now, going through this slideshow.


There’s a reason why @dad_beets won an award for Best Food Instagram in 2016. Plus, he has the occasional photo of his cute kids.

Good lord, @brunchboys. That egg is almost criminal.

We’re impressed when we actually make dinner for once. @izyhossack, you’re making us look bad.

@symmetrybreakfast will probably hypnotize you. In a good way.



It’s weird. It’s mesmerizing. It’s the late night, internet browsing wormhole that you can’t get out of.

We have some choice picks for you—you’re welcome (and we’re sorry) in advance.


Who would’ve thought food art could be so mesmerizing? Thanks, @idafrosk.

No one asked for this. And no one can look away. @breadfaceblog, what have you done to us?!

Meryl Streep inside of food. @tasteofstreep is pure genius, plain and simple.

Another celebs + food mashup. Our goal is to make it on the @celebsonsandwiches account. That’s how we’ll know we’ve truly made it.


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