Who Killed Jason Blossom?

When we heard that the Archie Comics were being revived as ‘Riverdale,’ a noir TV series, we were pretty psyched.

So far, season one has been focused on the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom, Riverdale quarterback, rich kid, and twin brother of the hyperbolically feisty Cheryl Blossom. But who has the most to gain from his death?

Here are our top suspects ranked in order from most to least likely, updated on a weekly basis after the new episode airs.

(Updated for Episode 10: The Lost Weekend.)


  1. Forsythe Pendleton Jones II (+1 from last week)

We can’t put our finger on it, but Jugg’s father is getting deeper and deeper involved into all the shadiness that is upon Riverdale. Why has he initiated the oh-so-sweet romance between Joaquin and Kevin do keep tabs on the sheriff? What is his involvement exactly with Hiram? And with Hermione while we’re at it?

And the newly revealed history with Alice has us intrigued (but in a good way).

  1. Cheryl Blossom (moving up from the watch list)

After Veronica finally saying out loud what a lot of us have been sensing, Cheryl is pretty close to the top of our list of prime suspects. Remember her being completely surprised by Jason’s appearance in Chuck’s book of conquests… which confirms her not-so-realistic (do I want to go as far as saying infatuated?), rose-tinted perception of her twin.

  1. Hermione Lodge (moving up from the watch list)

We know, we are as surprised about this one as you are. But the hints that there is more to her than meets the eye have been whispered a few times now – by father Blossom (who was wondering if he should have put her in jail rather than Hiram), as well as Hermione’s husband (who warned Veronica that her mother is not as sweet as her looks might suggest). We believe it in a heartbeat – she has just the right mix of (street) smarts and Bambi, to get things done her way softly but surely every single time.

  1. Hal Cooper (no change from last week)

We’re hanging on to this guy for another week. Just because his hatred of the Blossoms clearly has left the space of anything that can be called normal. This type of crazy dressed up in small-town-righteousness keeps him a constant on our prime-suspect list.

  1. Hiram Lodge (no change from last week)

This guy is still lurking around in the shadows, but we suspect not for much longer. His eyes and ears seem to be everywhere in Riverdale (or how did he know that Veronica ripped her iconic pearl necklace?), and we suspect have been for quite a while. But who knows? Maybe he has been played by Hermione…


These guys are still on our watch list, but they’re not our top suspects so far.

The Blossom Clan: Until we have more information about this sinister tribe, we will keep them on hold. Polly’s suspicions might be justified, but we think that Cheryl might be the evildoer.

Alice Cooper: While she is one scary lady, she has been slowly making a turn from freaky Stepford Wife to deeply troubled mother. And yes, there is new darkness creeping up (the Snake-connection), but it leads us more to looking out for sizzling encounters between Forsythe and Alice rather than a murder motive.

Penelope Blossom: Her audition for Maleficent seems to be going well. Inviting all your enemies to your dead son’s memorial isn’t something that we would do but hey, to each her own. Her own daughter seems kind of afraid of her. Maybe Jason was trying to run away from home because of his relationship to his parents.

Archie Andrews: Archie has a lot to gain from Jason’s death. He took Jason’s place as quarterback and his place with Miss Grundy too. (We’re guessing, just based on her affinity for redheads and the similarity between the two students.) But could our favorite earnest redhead really pull the trigger? We think not. Moved to our “maybes” pile for now.

Clifford Blossom: Seems almost as domineering as his wife, but we’re more suspicious of her for now. We’re also not sure that someone named Clifford is capable of murder. We’ll see!

The Mayor/Southside Serpent dealings: All right. What’s going on here? Definitely suspicious, but not seeing the correlation to Jason’s murder yet. Something something Hiram.

Polly Cooper: You’re off our list for now, but we’re watching ya.

Betty Cooper: You’re safe for now, Bets. Too many suspicious people on our list again this week, we had to knock you down to our “maybes” pile. Still, per our notes last week:

“As Polly’s sister, she definitely resents Jason for what he did to her. On top of that, she pretends to be Polly sometimes. That pool scene where she got carried away almost to the point of physically harming Chuck? Very weird. Very suspicious.”

Fred Andrews: Friendly Fred is the neighborhood good guy. Or at least that’s how he appears to be. But he really wants his son to get a football scholarship for college. Plus, the way he fired Jughead’s dad seemed totally unchill. We’re watching you, Mr. Andrews. (And is it just us, or is the way he’s trying to slither back into Hermione Lodge’s life a little iffy? Hmm. Hmm.)

TBA characters: It’s also very possible that our killer hasn’t made an appearance. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for shady newcomers.


Miss Grundy: Seems like Riverdale’s resident cellist-slash-felon is off the show after Episode 4’s closer. And good riddance, too. Jughead Jones: Call us biased, but it’s definitely not Jughead. We love him too much, plus he’s as obsessed with solving the case as we are. Veronica Lodge: No way did our girl Ronnie get involved in something as grotty as murder. Also, she was busy ruling the New York social scene that summer. Girl, you do you. What are your predictions? Are we totally off the mark or right on? Let us know in the comments who you think murdered Jason Blossom, and we’ll see you here next week with our updated list!

  • Tom A
    Posted at 14:43h, 23 February Reply

    The one I can truly visualize killing Jason is Betty. Her fugue-like state in the hot tub scene, wherein she loses her memory and calls herself Polly. Maybe it wasn’t the first time that had happened…

  • TBH
    Posted at 22:56h, 02 April Reply

    maybe Reggie I know it seems weird but in the comics he was the mean one also he has barely been seen in the show as well as the fact that tv shows always choose the member we least expect.

    • Profile photo of heromag team
      heromag team
      Posted at 13:20h, 03 April Reply

      Honestly, we could see this. Maybe he even had some football rivalry with Jason. Interesting, very interesting.

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