The Unsung Heroes: An Ode to the Sidekicks

What is it with the world’s fascination with underdogs? Sure, we love our heroes, but there is a special place in our heart for those loyal companions that our Alphas rely on for their every need – be it a word of wisdom, an extra fist for defense (and the occasional offense), or sometimes simply a hug. Yes, even Superman is human. So, here’s a shout out to our top three sidekicks:

  1. The Minions

What would Gru be without his Minions? Nothing. And he knows it. Unlike other evil Masterminds, Gru and his fiercely loyal bunch are inseparable. And they don’t ask much in return: an apple or banana is heaven for them (we wish we’d have the same healthy inklings). And just mention the word “bottom” to cheer them up.

Yep, the Minions love bananas!

We love a loving evil mastermind!

... and love is obviously contageous!

  1. Dr. Watson

Sherlock’s wing-man is not to be underestimated. Yes, Sherlock is the genius here, but Dr. Watson brings the much needed common sense to this floating spirit, and is perfectly able to smooth over the ruffled feathers left behind on the trail of his eccentric companion.

Jude Law's Dr. Watson is at the ready for his Sherlock (Robert Downey Jr.)... is Martin Freeman's Watson for his difficult genius friend (Benedict Cumberbatch)

  1. Chewbacca

Han Solo and Chewbacca – can you imagine one without the other? We don’t think so! It’s Chewie’s soft side that makes him irresistible – and let us bond with him just a tad more than the knight in shining armor. Yes, he can do all the manly stuff – fighting, flying space ships, yada, yada, yada. But what superhero shows his soft side like Chewie does? There’s never any doubt about how this buddy feels, and he is not afraid of hugs. There’s no doubt – the world would be a better place if we would be a little bit more like this big fellow!

Chewie showing off his cool


And he's a hugger!

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