Alena T.: UI/UX Lead by Day, Solitaire Champion by Night

Fan ofMy parents. As I age, I learn more and more about how amazing they are. They raised four daughters while moving every four years around the world. They are strong, smart, funny, and kind people. They are who I want to be when I “grow up.”

UndercoverI am secretly a Solitaire champ. Top .06% internationally. Weird, I know.

SuperpowerI would probably like to be a mix of Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, because Green Lantern can be creative to solve problems and Wonder Woman is strong, smart, and overall kicks butt! Though Wonder Lantern is a bad name…

Kryptonite: I can’t stand terrible drivers… people who don’t pay attention to the road and the drivers around them. I bugs me to think that people take driving so casually. Drinking and driving, texting and driving, cutting me off during traffic… irksome to say the least.

Fan MomentThe first time I successfully coded a website I designed I felt overwhelmingly happy, even though it was awful. It was the start of finding what I truly wanted to do: UX and UI. Finding a career that truly made me happy was life changing. I didn’t realize how much it made a difference to love what I do everyday. I’ve met famous people and seen great things, but finding a purpose was something worthwhile.

Define Hero: A hero can take many forms. Standing up for what is right, helping someone when they are down, protecting someone, and doing everything that you can even when it is difficult are all heroic. But that may not happen everyday, but general kindness is something that can be heroic. Little actions can mean the world to someone.
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