Twin Peakers – Obsession Can Be So Cool

Sunday, May 21, 9pm. If you haven’t heard about the Twin Peaks revival, you must have lived in a parallel universe these past few years. The return of this cult series of the 90s is one of the most anticipated in recent history! Details are being kept under wraps – very much expected for a David Lynch project – so our focus naturally pivoted to the other side of the camera. No, not the director, but the fan community – Peakes, Peaks Freaks, or Peakers as they’re called – who has stalwartly kept the magic alive these past 25 years. That’s a lot of years. We took a closer look, and found some amazing manifestations of this fandom – here our favorites:


How cool is this? A graphic novel prequel – based on Agent Cooper’s life before Twin Peaks, written by Lili Canal, an illustrator from Paris.


For a 24/7 Twin Peaks experience, download this sync album The Next Peak inspired by the series and its score. Listen to it wherever you go. Sample it here.




This one is actually commissioned by Showtime, but so cool that we wanted to share: On the streets in Brooklyn, you’ll suddenly find yourself walking on the series legendary Red Room. How? Artists Leon Keer and Nate Baranowski were commissioned to recreate it in form of a 3d painting. Portland and Los Angeles are to come.


4. THE COOKBOOK Besides obviously cherry pie, there’s plenty of other goodies in this book that’ll transport you back across space and time to the Double R diner.

Loving that cherry pie!

Donuts are also a favorite

Did we miss anything? What’s the most outrageous thing you have created for your favorite show? Movie? Book? Let us know in the comments!

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