Corinthians and Their Fans – an Explosive Combo

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Futebol aka soccer fans are in a league of their own when it comes to fierceness. Hardly any other sport awakens a passionate loyalty quite as deep. So if a club’s fanbase become famous in their own right, we can safely say that something extraordinary is at play. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon – what is it about this club that inspires such outrageous passion? And how have their fans earned their infamous support? PEOPLE POWERED Let’s go back to where it all started: One thing that might have something to do with the blind love that Corinthians fans feel for their club is the vision of their founders all the way back in 1910. Back then futebol was a sport for the wealthy – worlds apart from what Joaquim, Anthony, Rafael, Anselmo, and Carlos experienced, who were all workers for the São Paulo Railway. Inspired by the London-based club Corinthians FC, who were touring Brazil at the time and were above all known for their sportsmanship and fair play, those five decided on a rainy night to start a club on their own. Ten days later Corinthians played their first match.

The first Corinthians team

Corinthian's crest over the years (from top left to bottom rigth), and their uniforms

This is the British team that the founding fathers of Corinthians were inspired by

ALL FOR ONE – ONE FOR ALL A short while later, 1913, the young club had to show what they were made off. What was on the table: a spot in the coveted “Liga Paulista” – they had gained entry thanks to the founding of a rival league, which left Liga Paulista with only three clubs – known as the Three Musketeers. Corinthians joined the trio as the underdog, yet most popular member D’Artagnan – just like in Alexandre Dumas’ famous novel. And – who is really surprised here – Corinthians was able to beat all their competitors in the decisive games, and stayed in the league. Coincidence? We think not. And D’Artagnan has since then been the club’s mascot. Corinthians_Mascott  

Now let’s turn to the Fiel, or Bando do Loucos as they are also called, those crazy fans that show an unlimited amount of enthusiasm and support to their club: THEY ARE MOVIE STARS Two films have been made about Timão’s supporters – “Fiel” and “Libertados.” Quite impressive! We’re not aware of any other fanbase that has a similar claim to fame. THE BIG INVASION – INVASÃO CORINTHIANA In 1976, more than 70,000 Corinthians fans traveled from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro (a six hour trip by car) to support their team in that year’s National Championship semi-final. The team hadn’t won a title in 22 years. First off – how amazing is it that the fans have been loyal for over two decades without seeing Corinthians triumph? And secondly, that their enthusiasm hasn’t waned one bit, but if anything, has gotten stronger. This invasion took some major planning – like organizing a small city move (take a look at the images below).

Yep, these are all Corinthian's fans

The Fiel definitely took over the legendary stadium Maracanã

No fan left behind (but we're feeling for the busdriver)!

BIG IN JAPAN In 2012 – when Corinthians qualified to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup – 15,000 fans showed up at the airport to send them off to Japan, where the tournament was hosted that year. But hold it – 30,000 fans actually followed their team to Japan, stunning the locals with hymn singing in the subways, and covering Nagoya, the city where the game was held, in a bath of black and white, Corinthians colors. Fans had quit their jobs, used their entire savings, even went as far as sold their furniture and refrigerators to finance their travels. The efforts paid off – Corinthians took home the trophy. It is safe to say that Corinthians future is bright – no matter what happens or where they go, the Fiel will be there for them – supporting them all the way.

Corinthians fans at the airport

On the streets

No wonder Corinthians won the FIFA Club World Cup in 2012!

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