Fanmoment: Coldplay and the Piano Man

Imagine you’re a fan (that one’s easy). And you’re at the concert of your favorite band ever. Almost front row. And before you left for the concert, you thought: “Hmmmm… I have a great feeling about tonight. I think I will go out on a limb here – I’ll just ask the band if I can come on stage and play with them. How do I let them know? I’ll just write a little sign and hold it up. Fantastic idea!”

Then you’re there. The concert starts. You love it. And you’re holding up your hand drawn sign. And then – out of the blue – the singer sees it, reads it, and – yes, invites you on stage. Exactly as you have imagined it!

You go up, take off your jacket (it suddenly become terribly hot), sit down at the piano, and start playing. And the singer starts singing. To your tunes. Unbelievable! But it’s real. And 70,000 people are listening. And watching!

Too good to be true? A fairy tale? Not so much! Just ask Ferdinand Schwartz. Or Coldplay. Watch below!

Wonderful guest performance by this young gent from the audience on Everglow. R42

Posted by Coldplay on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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