What You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Hick Hop

Country meets Hip-hop to birth the child known as “hick-hop.” Some call it hick-hop, others simply call it country rap or even Kuntry. Whatever you call it, you can’t deny that there is some tremendous talent in the scene. Here are our top 3 artist recommendations to get you in ….



During the “Rap Rock” revolution of the late 90’s, Kid Rock came out of the Rust Belt with influences from Bob Seger, The Beastie Boys and beyond to create this new “Hick Hop” lane. Rock built one of the most massive and influential careers and shook off the novelty of someone rapping from a country perspective. He also laid out the blueprint for applying country and rock instrumentalism with hip-hop rhythm and delivery.


I didn't want to go out and change anything. I just wanted to make the music that was part of my background, which was rock and blues and hip-hop.



Take Kid Rock, Hank Williams Jr and Toby Keith, mix with a little “Dirty South” rap influence, and what you get is Colt Ford, former golf pro-turned-country music’s first legitimate rap star. Mixing southern rock, country and rap together, his music is a testament to the up-until-now crazy notion that rap and country don’t mix, won’t mix, and can’t mix. Colt plays to sold out tours across the US!


I think everybody can relate to the person that you have to deal with no matter what, every day: the person in the mirror. And we're constantly trying to make ourselves better. Nobody can control that but you, and that's what that song is: ``Look it's tough, and I make mistakes, but I'm laughing at myself. I'm admitting when I'm wrong.



Big Smo produces a style known as rural rap, “which blends rural, Country themes and melodies with some rap elements (production and vocal delivery)”. AllMusic’s Steve Legget commented that Big Smo “combines country themes and attitudes with rap and hip-hop in a style that prompted one reviewer to note ‘If Kid Rock and Run–D.M.C. had a love child, he would be named Big Smo.


I was inspired by the events that are going on right now, the situation that I feel like America is in at this moment in time…I want people to be aware, I want to get people talking about what’s going on in order to find a solution. (on his last album)
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