Changing the Youtube Game: Felipe Neto

We are proud to announce the launch of the Felipe Neto app! Download the app here:

Felipe Neto is the Youtuber that actually has the smarts, wits, and – gasp – social consciousness that go along with the loud, hilarious, controversial videos that his audience is addicted to. Breaking the Youtube livestream record in Brazil a few weeks ago, Felipe has manifested that the youtube audience is ready for something more than just entertainment: depth (at least every once in a while).


Unfortunately as of now, only Portuguese-speakers are able to enjoy what Felipe has to offer, with one notable exception: Netflix has collaborated with the Youtuber and recorded (and subtitled!) one of his stand-up shows last year. Não Faz Sentido (loosely translated “My Life Makes no Sense”) is a tour de force! In his charismatic brilliance, Felipe gives you the facts about his whirlwind life (grew up in a Favela in Rio, sold jewelry on the street, actor, graphic designer, entrepreneur, Youtuber), his family (mom was in charge and not thrilled about his acting ambitions), and the things he is most passionate about, which are actually a bit unexpected.


Just when you thought you could comfortably categorize Felipe as your stereotypical Youtuber, his refreshingly crass stream-of-consciousness takes an unexpected detour into the realm of serious. And we don’t mean his passions for theatre, the internet, and entrepreneurs. Those are definitely interesting. But – it is quite amazing to watch this man, who manages to speak ten minutes without taking a breath about fidget spinners, challenge his culture’s prejudices about homosexuals (including hands-on tips on how to overcome them. We very much enjoyed those). He follows up with a quick intro to his views on modern education (everybody needs it), and closes with basically propagating the value of book-clubs. By the time he starts digging into self-help territory with pushing his fans to face their fears, we are not even surprised anymore. Expect the unexpected is the route to go with this multi-faceted entertainer, whose trademark is monthly changing haircolors.


Feeling blue


Classic Platinum


No celeb is anything without his fans, and Felipe is no exception. The difference here is the acknowledgement of their importance on the side of Neto. We are all used to having fans adorn their bodies with tattoos of their idol, but the other way around it is not quite as common. If at all honoring an object of affection, celebs pick their current love interest (does anyone remember Johnny Depp’s Winona Forever? Angelina’s Billy Bob? Both have since disappeared from their bodies). Felipe meanwhile has dedicated part of his body to his carojas (owls), which is what he calls his fans. We dare predict that this tattoo will not be removed quite so soon.

Angelina''s lost love

Too bad it didn't last with those two....

True love!


Taking into consideration what a progressive entrepreneur Felipe Neto is, it’s no surprise he’s the first Youtuber to take the step into unchartered territory and collaborate with us to create his very own app. The app gives him the opportunity to relate to his fans in a much more direct and intimate way, and his fans can be sure to never miss out on a single post. The contained environment creates a sense of community that’s just not possible in the vast landscape of the social networks. Check it out for yourselves:

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